Ravenyard Priorities Assessment - Meaning


MEANING - conveying the idea that is intended; something rich in significance or implication; importance or value (importance, spirit, essence).

In crisis, it is common to ask existential questions, many of which have no obvious answer. A focus on meaning helps us learn from hardships and uncover purpose out of uncertainty.
  • Why is this your priority?
  • What about this resonates with you?
  • Describe a search for meaning.
  • What does it mean to find meaning during crisis or times of hardship?
  • When you look back on this time five years from now, how will you know you found meaning?
  • How can meaning guide your decision-making?
  • Who or what does this priority serve? How does it help?
  • Imagine yourself in a situation where you find meaning. What does that feel/sound/look like?

It is hard to identify meaning early in a crisis.  Often, we must work through grief, anger, and denial in order to end up finding value in hardship.  A search for meaning is most often paired with times of intense learning.  What can you learn from this experience?


Leaders who prioritize meaning, stay focused on the organization’s mission.  They may be forced to make difficult decisions and should do so always with a broader purpose in mind.

What matters most to you? What is your purpose?
Use “meaning” as a mantra while you work out, do dishes, or in the shower.
What advice would your future self give you about this situation?

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Did Meaning as a priority resonate with you?

Download the Ravenyard Crisis Priorities Assessment’s PDF on Meaning for your reference.

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