Ravenyard redefines

crisis management.

Crisis affects all aspects of your business, which is why we take a holistic view. We follow a proprietary triage process to quickly get up to speed. We provide tangible deliverables that guide the response. And we'll look after you every step of the way.

What sets Ravenyard apart


In a crisis, you need a team that can hit the ground running. Our multidisciplinary team brings decades of professional experience to the table, not just communications.

  • Legal (litigation, securities, corporate)
  • Finance (corporate, asset management)
  • Management (leadership, HR)
  • Marketing (brand, PR)
  • Regulatory (FDA, SEC)

With information coming from all sides and a constantly shifting landscape, you need order and organization. You need to know what to expect from someone who has the larger picture in mind. To bring structure to chaos, Ravenyard’s process includes checklists, timelines, and various exercises and tools designed to create clarity and understanding.


At the end of the day, crisis is about the humans. We offer support for addressing the grief, anger, stress, and alienation that people often feel. Our goal is to foster key crisis leadership traits with tools that bolster self-regulation, prudence, measured communication, and empathy.

The Ravenyard Approach

We bring order to chaos by methodologically looking at the whole picture

Investigatory Triage


  • 360 degree interviews/listening sessions with leadership, board, attorneys, existing comms team, key stakeholders.
  • Uncover root causes of crisis.
  • Determine stakeholder needs.
  • Discover additional areas of risk.
  • Identify misalignment and/or internal conflict.

Crisis Mapping


  • Apply tools and ideas borrowed from Lean, Six Sigma, TRIZ, management consulting, and marketing ideation to create a three-dimensional response.
  • Create work product that leadership teams can use to guide consistent decision-making (summaries, timelines, slides, visual maps of the crisis, and crisis strategy).

Communications Mapping


  • Address immediate, acute communications needs.
  • Focus on the broader narrative – tied to brand, business requirements, leadership priorities, legal necessities.
  • Utilize a message mapping tool to layout core message, support data, stakeholder variations.

Operationalized Response


  • We provide a detailed action plan, timeline, and deliverables.
  • Every engagement includes Ravenyard tools, checklists, and exercises designed to productively work through crisis.
  • Customized maps provide clear organizational direction around strategy and communications.

Support the People

Well-being support is woven into every Ravenyard engagement through tools and exercises, 1:1 coaching for leadership, and team workshops to help process and explore the experience of crisis.

Crisis comes in many forms

Crisis comes in many forms

While every crisis is unique, they often share similar characteristics. Our clients often experience situations that involve one or more of the following:

Significant business disruption
Issues that have the potential to fundamentally change the way a business operates. These generally cross corporate divisions and have high stakeholder scrutiny.

Legal complexity
Significant or regulatory exposure including ongoing litigation such as white collar crime and securities enforcement actions.

Major trauma, scandal, or personal loss
Concerns such as negative press, workplace accidents/fatalities, company culture in turmoil, and the impact of a personal crisis or loss on business/leadership.

Complex interpersonal dynamics
Crisis or disputes within the context of partnership and family business relationships.