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Meredith Wilson Parfet puts on her hospice chaplain hat to explore the cultural shifts in death and dying, and offers the following framework to explain some of what we’re experiencing 1) Baby Boomers still influence much of our cultural zeitgeist, 2) we’re more spiritual but less religious, 3) we’re obsessed with longevity, and 4) the pandemic forced more to face the reality of death on a larger scale than ever before.

Interview with Meredith Wilson Parfet
October 16, 2023

This CLE program discusses the power of storytelling and narrative as a communication tool for lawyers. Aaron Solomon and Meredith Wilson Parfet analyze the elements of a compelling narrative, tools for identifying and organizing core narrative themes, and examples of the use of storytelling in complaints and litigation adjacent crisis communications.

Presented by Aaron Solomon and Meredith Wilson Parfet
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February 27, 2023

My LinkedIn feed has been filled with layoff posts lately. They’re often a series of uncomfortable responses from well-intentioned friends. I’ve seen people say everything from “Good luck!”

Written by Meredith Wilson Parfet
September 9, 2022