Crisis comes

in many forms.

Every crisis is unique and we tailor each engagement accordingly. Here’s how we work with different groups.


We partner with lawyers

Lawyers tend to be the boots-on-the-ground, first responders in a crisis. Almost all information flows through them and, because of this, they often find themselves managing more than just their clients’ legal needs. This is not ideal for either the lawyer or the client, which is where Ravenyard fits in.

Our whole picture approach means that we work with lawyers to integrate legal strategy into the broader crisis response. We are familiar with working within the requirements of confidentiality and privilege protection. We’re also trained in legal writing and can effectively communicate about matters involving significant legal exposure, including ongoing litigation. All of our work product is thoughtful, methodical, and thorough.

Our role is to inject order and regulation to the crisis. We do this by ensuring the client knows what to expect at any given point and by providing emotional support. Crisis is hard, and we serve as a confidential place for clients to put their grief, fear, anger, and frustration.

Areas in which we work

Crisis comes in many forms

While every crisis is unique, they often share similar characteristics. Our clients often experience situations that involve one or more of the following:

Significant business disruption
Issues that have the potential to fundamentally change the way a business operates. These generally cross corporate divisions and have high stakeholder scrutiny.

Legal complexity
Significant or regulatory exposure including ongoing litigation such as white collar crime and securities enforcement actions.

Major trauma, scandal, or personal loss
Concerns such as negative press, workplace accidents/fatalities, company culture in turmoil, and the impact of a personal crisis or loss on business/leadership.

Complex interpersonal dynamics
Crisis or disputes within the context of partnership and family business relationships.