Ravenyard Priorities Assessment - Adaptability


ADAPTABILITY - the quality of being able to adjust suitably to new conditions, environment, or circumstances. (transform, adjust, reshape, versatility, cognitive flexibility).

In crisis, people often (incorrectly) think of grit and toughness as necessary qualities to survive. Adaptability, in contrast, presupposes flexibility, fluidity, openness, and receptivity even in times of suffering.
  • Why is this your priority?
  • What about this resonates with you?
  • Describe qualities of adaptability.
  • What does it mean to be adaptable during crisis ortimes of hardship?
  • When you look back on this time five years fromnow, how will you know you embodiedadaptability
  • How can adaptability guide your decision-making?
  • Who or what does this priority serve and how doesit help?
  • Imagine yourself in a situation where you are beingadaptable. What does that feel/sound/look like?

Adaptability reminds us not to be tied to a specificoutcome, but to be imaginative and flexible in ourthinking, no matter how things turn out.Adaptable people understand that change isinevitable and the future is unwritten.


Adaptable leaders identify multiple strategicalternatives in crisis and focus on optionality andnimbleness over quick decision-making.Adaptable leaders listen for wisdom throughouttheir organization and don’t get tied to one pathor one outcome.

Write down when you feel rigid or stuck. List ways to adapt.
Use “adaptability” as a mantra while you workout, do dishes, in the shower.
Crisis involves change. What does it feel like to adapt to change?

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