Ravenyard Priorities


Setting priorities is crucial to successfully navigating a crisis. They are a lifeline – guiding you through dark, uncertain, and overwhelming times.

Why do you need priorities in a crisis?

A crisis, whether personal or professional, is a turning point in our lives. There is a distinct before and after the crisis, a Life 1 and Life 2. Because crisis is so significant, so transformational, things never go back to the way they were. But it also provides an opportunity to examine our lives in a different way – to necessitate introspection and question assumptions.

We believe that one of the ways you can grow from crisis is by setting careful, focused priorities – the earlier in crisis the better. Priorities are both an anchor and a way of evaluating decisions. They allow you to make difficult choices in a manner that aligns with your long-term goals and values.

Your priorities are a guide. You can use them as a way of evaluating decisions throughout the duration of the crisis. They are a way of staying centered on a larger purpose in the midst of hardship and doubt. They are a way of finding meaning by transforming hardship into growth.

Take the Ravenyard Priorities Assessment

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The Ravenyard Priorities Assessment is structured in three parts. Part One is about your personal priorities. It lists 9 words for you to consider as a series of paired tradeoffs – A vs B, B vs C, etc. As you go through the priorities exercise, you will be asked to choose one priority over another in 312 questions. Don’t overthink your answers – use your intuition, your gut feeling about what most resonates with you.

You will be shown at the end of the assessment how you ranked the priorities and be directed as to how to explore the priorities in more depth.

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