Ravenyard Priorities Assessment - Faith


FAITH - confidence or trust in a person or plan; belief in anything, as a code of ethics, standards of merit, higher power, or religious doctrine; the obligation of loyalty or fidelity to a person, promise, engagement (belief, conviction, hope, confidence).

In crisis, it is common to lose hope and question one’s beliefs. Faith guides us on a spiritual journey through times of suffering. It requires trust (in people, ideas, values, the divine) that is not based on proof but on inner conviction.
  • Why is this your priority?
  • What about this resonates with you?
  • Describe qualities of faith.
  • What does faith mean during crisis or times of hardship?
  • When you look back on this time five years from now, how will you know you embodied faith?
  • How can faith guide your decision-making?
  • Who or what does this priority serve? How does it help?
  • Imagine yourself in a situation where you feel faith. Describe it.

Faith requires us to discard heady intellectualism and surrender to  the unknown.  The future is not written, which can be scary and also freeing.


Faith may feel counterintuitive in business and professional settings where logic pervades.  Faith blends data, frameworks, and process with a reliance on teamwork and ”gut feelings” to handle unknowns.  Faith is also an acknowledgement that life’s mysteries can play out anywhere.

Perform a daily ritual – burn sage, be in nature, pray.
Use “faith” as a mantra while you work out, do dishes, or in the shower.
List things about the future that you believe.

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Did Faith as a priority resonate with you?

Download the Ravenyard Crisis Priorities Assessment’s PDF on Faith for your reference.

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