Ravenyard Priorities Assessment - Practicality


PRACTICALITY - the quality of being adapted or designed for actual use or action; not theoretical or ideal; the constraints or demands of real life or actual implementation; (useful, applicable, actionable, functional).

Crisis can be all encompassing, triggering big emotions and indecision. A practical approach acknowledges that suffering and hardship are aspects of being human, avoids magical thinking, and works towards useful solutions.
  • Why is this your priority?
  • What about this resonates with you?
  • Describe qualities of practicality.
  • What does it mean to be practical during crisis or times of hardship?
  • When you look back on this time five years from now, how will you know you embodied practicality?
  • How can practicality guide your decision-making?
  • Who or what does this priority serve and how does it help?
  • Imagine yourself in a situation where you are being practical. What does that feel/sound/look like?

Practical people can sense when they are stuck in a loop – catastrophizing, magical thinking, hoping to get lucky or “win the lottery.” They are realistic, acknowledge their feelings, and use tools like checklists, timelines, frameworks, and research to shift to what is possible and within their control.


Practical leaders take an operational, tools-based approach to crisis. They don’t waste time lamenting about people or resources they don’t have, rather figure out how to work with what they’ve got.

Turn on your problem-solving: make a checklist, map a timeline.
Use “practical” as a mantra while you workout, in the shower, doing dishes.
Is there such a thing as too practical? What is the balance?

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Did Practicality as a priority resonate with you?

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