Ravenyard Priorities Assessment - Responsibility


RESPONSIBILITY - a sense of duty; possessing good judgment; the ability to act correctly and make decisions on your own; to accept moral, legal, or mental accountability (grounded, reliable, trustworthy, reasonable, accountable, dutiful).

In crisis, it is common to place blame. Responsibility means accepting consequences, cleaning up a mess, or being accountable to others no matter the outcome.
  • Why is this your priority?
  • What about this resonates with you?
  • Describe qualities of responsibility.
  • What does it mean to be responsible during crisis or times of hardship?
  • When you look back on this time five years from now, how will you know you embodied responsibility?
  • How can responsibility guide your decision-making?
  • Who or what does this priority serve and how does it help?

Responsibility starts by looking inward. It can mean being responsible for oneself, like avoiding self-destructive or harmful behaviors or protecting one’s well-being, health, or time, or resources.


Responsible leaders feel a sense of duty to employees, shareholders, customers, their community, and the environment. They look beyond profit and are accountable for their actions and the actions of their employees.

Write one sentence every day about responsibility.
Use “responsibility” as a mantra while you workout, do dishes, in the shower.
Picture what it feels/looks/sounds like to be responsible.

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Did Responsibility as a priority resonate with you?

Download the Ravenyard Crisis Priorities Assessment’s PDF on Responsibility for your reference.

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